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Dry Azo Powders

Azodicarbonamide (AZO) is the most efficient foaming agent for thermoplastic resins. The AZO compound produces odorless, non-staining, low density foam of extremely fine cell structure, and when managed effectively an extremely uniform cell structure. AZO disperses easily in plastics compounds by conventional processing methods. This blowing agent is economical because its gas yield is the highest of all commercially available organic formaing agents. AZO presents no problems in handling since it is a non-toxic material and does not support combustion. Addisperse offers several chemically identical grades of AZO with various particle sizes. Our grades differ in the rate of decomposition in the presence of activators, with the finest particle size material (AZ-102) being the most susceptible to activation and the coarsest grade (AZ-115), having the slowest rate of decomposition.

Key Elements:

  • Great efficiency as gas generator giving high volume of gas when thermally decomposed
  • Modifiable decomposition temperature and rate of decomposition to suit broad range of conditions through use of activators
  • Materials decompose, leaving colorless, odorless residues
  • Materials are odorless, with low toxicity, allowing for safe handling

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